Her Story: My Review

I enjoyed playing “Her Story”, a game where you get to play detective. You need to watch the videos by using search terms to figure out what happened.

Some critiques:
* The storyline doesn’t add up. Supposed to have taken course over ten years? But at one point they say the miscarriage takes place the same year as her parents died. And then six months later Simon and Hannah moved in.
* The acting isn’t great, especially considering this game is so reliant on the video clips
* I didn’t feel like the story was exactly complete. Did she suffer from multiple personalities? Were they really two different people?

While it took me a few hours to get through enough videos to figure out what happened, I certainly enjoyed the game’s concept of trying to figure it all out. I wish there had been more “clues” in the way of maps, witnesses, evidence, or birth records. I would love to create something like this, but I understand how difficult a project like this could be.

I would highly rate and recommend this game.


Experiment #626

Here is my experiment:  eat fries and see if it triggers a gallbladder attack.  The reason being that I had moderate abdominal pain that lasted over 12 hours last Wednesday after eating a burger and fries.

So I just bought some fries. Wonderfuly, crinkly, fresh fries from a hole-in-the-wall restaurant.

My hypothesis? See if I have a gallbladder attack within the hour of finishing them. It’s a little foolish, but it’s deliciously foolish! *cue evil laugh*

5:49 p.m. Let the eating begin!

6:09 p.m.  Finished off the entire bag of fries.  Yum! Delicous! Haven’t done that in months! Feeling fully, but happy right now.

6:13 p.m. Pants unzipped.

6:56 p.m.  So far, no pain!

7:48 p.m.  We are good to go!  So, I guess last week’s pain wasn’t strictly from fried food!

Games I have loved

I think I might be a gamer.  When I find a game with a good mix of art, storyline and hidden clues/puzzles/tricks, I get hooked and can’t put it down until I finish it.  I just finished Device6, which was entertaining and had beautiful artwork (reminded me of the Griffin & Sabine books).  I also noticed that I like the sidescroller games most.  And I love puzzles and having to work out the answer by thinking outside the box.  I have a Steam account but rarely use it because most of the games on there are godawful, and have little appeal to me (usually the war/multiplayer games–are they really even games?).

Here are a few of my favorite games:

  • Limbo
  • The Cave
  • Imaginarium
  • The Silent Age
  • Portal & Portal 2
  • The Room, The Room 2 and The Room 3

If you know of a girl gamer who likes puzzles, send me a line because I would love to swap game recommendations!


Talk Therapy

It’s hard to find time to get anybody’s attention these days.  Let alone try and captivate and keep their attention.

So I’m resorting to writing online.  I need some kind of outlet to express my feelings, insecurities, hopes, dreams, and discoveries.

Lately it feels like I’ve been there for everyone having problems, but there isn’t room for me and my needs.  Right now my biggest need is finding a pleasant place to work.  I’m willing to wait six months while I babysit for a friend of mine.  I like babysitting, but I’m so stressed about finding a job that I can’t concentrate and be in the present with my charge.

If anyone has recommendations/suggestions for job searches, cover letters, or using a vision board, please let me know.

I’m hoping this blog will help me process my thoughts so that when I talk to people I can efficiently express what I need from them.  And right now I can’t even bring myself to tell them that what I need from my friends is someone to actively listen.  Paying a therapist is good for the complicated issues, but sometimes I want to share my opinions without alienating others.  I see my friends at least every other day, which I am so grateful for, but like I said in the beginning of this post is it’s hard to hold their attention.   Oftentimes they feel the need to problem solve and will throw out some advice to me and expect that I’ll stop talking.  It makes me feel awful, like I have no right to complain, or express my frustration.

In funner news: