Her Story: My Review

I enjoyed playing “Her Story”, a game where you get to play detective. You need to watch the videos by using search terms to figure out what happened.

Some critiques:
* The storyline doesn’t add up. Supposed to have taken course over ten years? But at one point they say the miscarriage takes place the same year as her parents died. And then six months later Simon and Hannah moved in.
* The acting isn’t great, especially considering this game is so reliant on the video clips
* I didn’t feel like the story was exactly complete. Did she suffer from multiple personalities? Were they really two different people?

While it took me a few hours to get through enough videos to figure out what happened, I certainly enjoyed the game’s concept of trying to figure it all out. I wish there had been more “clues” in the way of maps, witnesses, evidence, or birth records. I would love to create something like this, but I understand how difficult a project like this could be.

I would highly rate and recommend this game.