Games I have loved

I think I might be a gamer.  When I find a game with a good mix of art, storyline and hidden clues/puzzles/tricks, I get hooked and can’t put it down until I finish it.  I just finished Device6, which was entertaining and had beautiful artwork (reminded me of the Griffin & Sabine books).  I also noticed that I like the sidescroller games most.  And I love puzzles and having to work out the answer by thinking outside the box.  I have a Steam account but rarely use it because most of the games on there are godawful, and have little appeal to me (usually the war/multiplayer games–are they really even games?).

Here are a few of my favorite games:

  • Limbo
  • The Cave
  • Imaginarium
  • The Silent Age
  • Portal & Portal 2
  • The Room, The Room 2 and The Room 3

If you know of a girl gamer who likes puzzles, send me a line because I would love to swap game recommendations!