Three days running-a record!

I don’t have a “social media” campaign about how to “best optimize” the number of visitors I get.  This blog is a personal journal, where I can speak freely, share my opinions and write as a way to handle the every day situations I find myself in.

My only goal with this journal is to “just keep writing”.  Difficult sometimes because my inner filter wants to not share my thoughts for fear of criticism, judgement and trolls.

My current situation is that I am job-less.  While I have some job skills, they are not particularly in demand either.  I’m working through that and it’s hard to not internalize the need for a “role”.  If I’m not working, then “who am I”?  I’d like to create a social media plan and see what happens, maybe even add that to my resume.

Nobody usually asks me what I think without countering or forcing me to defend my position.  It’s tiring to constantly have to be on guard like that.  So, that’s why I have THIS space.

So, for now the theme of this blog is “If you want to be a writer, write.”  And that is about as far as I’ve gotten in regards to this journal.