Welcome 2016! *cough* *cough*

Glad it’s a new year.  I like the psychological shift that comes with new beginnings.  “Starting over” is my specialty.  “Finishing”, not so much.

First post of the new year and I have little to say so far.  There are lots of new year’s resolutions I would like to make but many vague attempts.  My focus today has been to clean house and get over this insane illness.  Nothing serious, just very little energy and I’m easily winded by cleaning house.

Luckily, I am looking forward to having dinner with friends and watching Sherlock tonight!  Love me some Benedict Cumberbatch.  Though, I don’t really get why there has to be another Victorian era-themed version.

So, back to Benedict Cumberbatch.  Has anyone seen pictures of his son yet?  I have not done any internet sleuthing for them, but would love to see what his child looks like.

Resolution #1:  Blog for 30 CONSECUTIVE days.