Bleh on the holidays

All the cozy, warm Christmas commercials out there remind me of how un-holiday like my own Christmases usually are.

The season usually focuses on charitable giving, and I feel like I’m already charitable enough.  But I know there’s always room for more giving during the year.

Why are we saving all our kindness for one time of the year?  There are so many opportunities to give throughout the year, that it seems a shame to not spread the love around.  I feel like the monthly contributions we make display our own commitment to a better world.

I volunteer for a youth organization, which fulfills me greatly.

And while I wish we didn’t get presents so much of the time, it IS wonderful to be remembered during this time.  So while I dislike the commercialization of the holidays, I do love the “permission” it gives us to show how much we care for our loved ones.