The Insomniac Diaries

I should rename this blog “The Insomniac Diaries”.  Sleep seems to come for a few hours, and then I just can’t sleep anymore.  For the last several nights I’ve woken up around 2:30 a.m. on my own, no external noises, or anything.  Although it has been hot around the Bay Area, I hope it’s just the heat, and I can sleep for longer than four hours, eventually.

So here’s what I tried (in order of attempt-to-fall-asleep):  focusing on my breath, reading a biography, writing, yoga and finally, watching the news.  After two hours of all this, I decided to try and fall asleep again.  Luckily I was able to fall asleep again.  But then, my husband woke up and I kind of was half-sleeping since then.  I think I got about another full hour of sleep. 

Thank God, I don’t have to go into the workplace today!  Still, I know come 1 p.m. later today I will get tired and need to take a nap.

And when I DO get to fall asleep, there is no better thing than RESTFUL sleep no matter how long.