I made pie today!

Yesterday, I was feeling optimistic and happened upon a farmer’s market on my way in to work. I thought strawberries would be nice, and ended up buying three pints of them. I’m not usually given in to such Impulsiveness. By the time I got home, after carrying those poor things back and forth, they didn’t look so good. So I knew I had to do something with them soon.

So, at 11 a.m. this morning, I decided to make a strawberry rhubarb pie. I have never made a pie before, so I had to gather a few ingredients. Rhubarb, instant tapioca, a lemon, and some refrigerated ready-made pie crusts.

Before I started, I also had to do a little research. I wasn’t sure what size pie pan I have so I had to google “How to measure a pie pan“. I had to look up how to slice rhubarb.

I really dislike cooking, because I’m messy and insecure in the kitchen. But I took my time, and tried to focus on how good the results will be. From the time I decided to make the pie to the time I put it in the oven, it was three hours.

I have yet to do any paid work today. But at least I’ll have PIE!