How to stop taking everything so seriously

I have done a great deal of research (i.e. 30 minutes of research on Google) on how to stop taking everything so seriously.  I have read all of the below posts/essays/blog entries and deemed them worthy of reposting.  I really needed to get outside of my head, and reading these words helped a great deal.

  1. Stop Taking Life So Seriously
  2. 5 Ways to Enjoy the Journey
  3. Lighten Up!
  4. Stop taking your thoughts so seriously

I have found that when I think I am trapped, or locked into a situation that the abundance mentality is helpful.  I know I feel locked in, and trapped, but realizing that there is a plethora of possibilities, variables and factors unknown to me makes me feel hopeful. Hopefully one of these four blog posts can help you too. And remember, DEPRESSION LIES!