considering buying a house in Denver

Living in the Bay Area has been super nice these past 15 years.  But maybe it’s time to slow down and get back to what I really love–the grand mountains of Colorado.  This weekend I spent an entire morning looking at houses in Denver.  Ideally I would love to live on Capitol Hill or near Cheesman Park or Washington Park.  But nothing we could afford is in those areas.  So if we WERE to move to Denver, we’d probably be living in Arvada or Thornton.  

I really miss Colorado’s weather, the mountains, mountains and the mountains.  I miss being able to go skiing with only an hour and a half drive to Keystone or Breckenridge and standing on top of run, with the warm sun on my face.  Heaven.  I miss the fierce thunderstorms of a summer afternoon. 

I know I’m romanticising Denver.  And I know it’s not as culturally diverse as the Bay Area, and not as tolerant of my liberal views.  But I do miss the nature.  I’m sure I could probably find a new group of liberal-minded friends once I moved there.

One thought on “considering buying a house in Denver

  1. I just moved to the Denver area last April and I am truly loving it. I’ve never felt more at home with my surroundings, and people are open, kind and for the most part, pretty liberal I’d say. However I did move from Southern MN so there was room for improvement on the liberal acceptance concept. Best wishes in your search!

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