a lesson in struggling

This is my first post of what I hope will be a long and prodigious blog.  I named it “mountain pose” because I am rediscovering yoga.  (And my posture is horrible which means my alignment needs some work).  A life sitting in front of the computer is not a healthy lifestyle.

I recently made the decision to delve into web development work.  This means catching up and teaching myself css, html and xhtml.  And the same tech gripes come up when I have to read someone else’s badly written code.  Syntax people!  There are rules for a reason.  But hey, who cares what’s under the hood if the car runs, right?

So, to get to the “struggling” part of this title.  In teaching myself (by reading O’Reilly books), I have been struggling with self-doubt about whether I can even make a living doing this kind of work.  For one reason, I am not completely in love with technology.  Two, I am not what you would call an early adopter, and three, I have an issue with “sticking” with projects.  However, in order to stick with this web development work I have been repeating positive mantras to myself and reminding myself that I have to start somewhere.  So I hope that five years from now I can still be “blogging” and spreading goodwill and generally contributing positively to society.